Brace yourselves introverts! I’ve got some news. Apparently, we may earn a whopping $500,000 less than our more extroverted counterparts over the course of our careers. It could be an even bigger gap. 

It is true that most of the wealthiest people in the world are introverts. But what’s that number again? Oh right, 1%. For introverts who live and work among the 99%, it is likely we have been penalized financially for our biologically determined temperament.

Perhaps we chose a profession that aligns with our values and preferences but does not pay well. Or maybe we just can’t seem to “game” the performance review process to get our fair share of the pie. Performance reviews are not objective. We type them up ourselves after all. I mean, we’re not comfortable with self-promotion and, unfortunately, our work does not just speak for itself.

If you’re an introvert who hasn’t already figured out how to make bank in a way that energizes you, it’s likely that you aren’t being rewarded equitably for your work. What to do? – Hustle, baby!

Yes, the side-hustle. I know, the word “hustle” raises your hackles. It’s cajoling and persuading – things introverts don’t like to do. However, it’s also focusing, strategizing and persistent effort – things introverts are very good at.

What if you could leave the performative aspects of your side hustle in the virtual hands of AI-powered tools? I’m referring to all those social tasks. The ones that require constant interaction and self-expression. The tasks that will suck the life out of you before lunch.

And what if AI-powered tools could also significantly minimize the amount of time you must devote to the substantive work (i.e. the work you actually enjoy) that your side-hustle requires?

Without having to completely up-end your life, you can begin to generate extra income, set yourself up for a worry-free dotage, create a legacy for your family and maybe even start your very own full-time business.